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About VALC

First-year seminar (FYS) programs have successfully supported entering college students’ transition for many decades.  During this time, there has been a wide range of seminars developed with equally varied student outcomes.  At VALC, we have the experiences and the necessary skills to either fully develop a new FYS program or to adapt programs such that they improve student academic engagement, success, and persistence. Designing or adapting programs that are beneficial over the long-term require life-cycle thinking and planning.  This includes assessing needs, designing and delivering instructor/faculty training, developing a comprehensive curriculum that links learning objectives, to assessment, to instruction, and evaluating the short- and long-term effectiveness of the program using sophisticated qualitative and quantitative analyses.  Please review our website to see how we may best serve you, your institution and your students!


Higher Education Consulting Services

Currently VALC is offering a FREE 60-min General Consultation Session for any of the below services. 

Instructor / Faculty Training & Development

Comprehensive training to support novice and veteran educators

Peer Mentor Program Development

Full-scale development of new programs or modifications of existing programs

New Program Curriculum Development or Adaptation

Full-scale development or revisions to First-Year Seminar programs to increase student success

FYS Textbook

Educational Psychology for Learners: Connecting Theory, Research & Application

Strategic Planning Consultation

Needs assessments and short- and long-term plans of action

Statistical Analysis Consultation

Rigorous quantitative analysis of short- and long-term program effectiveness


VALC is offering a free
60-min Consultation.

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