Alexis Hauck, MA, LPCC

Training & Trauma Specialist

Alexis' training began in the foothills of Tennessee where she earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Human Services from Johnson University, graduating with magna cum laude honors. She returned home to Cincinnati, Ohio for her master’s program at the University of Cincinnati where she earned a Master's of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling. The Faculty of UC recognized Alexis with their highest honor, the Morry Rosenthal Award, given to a counseling student who reflected top academic performance, leadership, and compassion. Alexis has continued her education at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) where she is pursuing her Doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision. Alexis’ research interests include learner-centered pedagogy, peer mentorship, mindfulness and education, neuropsychology, trauma’s impact on learning, and trauma-informed pedagogy.


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On UNC’s campus, Alexis has taken on leadership opportunities within her counseling program, serving as Chi Sigma Iota’s chapter President 2018-2019. Her focused work with undergraduate success began in 2016 as an instructor within UNC’s FYS program, University 101. In addition to teaching these past four years, Alexis has helped develop and refine the Class Leader peer mentoring program that serves approximately 500 entering students every fall. She has now been promoted to the Coordinator position of this program.  While serving the large number of underrepresented students in this FYS program as a whole, she has also led the efforts to institute and design FYS sections to provide the requisite foundation for all entering Honors freshmen. These efforts have been recognized as she has earned nominations for Outstanding Faculty in 2017 and Most Influential Faculty in 2018. Alexis’ passion for student wellness and success shines through her student’s comments, shared below in the testimonials.

Additionally, during her time in Colorado, Alexis has continued to grow her counseling skill set at a rural non-profit, trauma counseling center serving Northeast Colorado. At the Center for Healing Trauma and Attachment, Inc., she has provided Trauma Informed Care Trainings covering topics including neurobiology, attachment, trauma’s effects on the body, learning, and relationships. Funded by a grant obtained by CHTA, Inc., Alexis has been able to pursue her passion of sharing her knowledge to inform the public about the impact trauma is having on communities. She is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate in the state of Colorado and has experience working with diverse populations across developmental levels, trauma and other stress related disorders, crisis intervention, and trauma-informed community outreach.




Absolutely, Hauck was amazing she cared for all of her students and knew how to teach in a way that all of her students could understand. When I wasn't in class and needed help i would email her and she was very quick to get back to me (within a couple hours). Also she is very friendly and approachable which is a trait that most teachers do not have!

Fall 2016 Student

Alexis is very innovative with her class, and has a variety of approaches to learning in order to reach all learning styles. Alexis made this course beneficial to me because even though the information itself was not extremely difficult she emphasized the importance of the information at hand and helped us learn how to actually implement it within our own schedules and our own lives. I think a strength of this course is how applicable it is to success throughout all other courses.

Fall 2018 Honors Student

From day one, Alexis had worked to get to know her students on a personal level. Her first assignment was just to send her an email explaining our feelings hopes for UNC which she then replied to with an encouraging and uplifting message. She also wanted to understand our academic positions to provide us with the best teaching style fit. Each lesson was taught from multiple points of view. This ranged from verbally, visually, or hands on. Alexis assured that no student was ever left behind and provided constant resources for support and extra guidance. She treated our academic excellence as her own and encouraged us every step of the way.

One of Alexis's strengths was that she was able to relay information in a way I was able to understand and recall for the tests. She was able to find new ways to get the class up and out of their seats to do an activity which I learned more from because I was more engaged than I would be during a lecture. She was very clear from the beginning about what she expected from you but was always willing to help you meet those expectations.

Fall 2019 Business Student

Fall 2019 Business Student


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