Dr. Ivan Jay Wayne
Educational Psychology

Collaboration Partner of VAL Consulting

Founder and Owner of Voyagerr LLC

Dr. Wayne has pursued a multi-faceted career journey that culminated in running his own consulting company, Voyagerr. Ivan first
obtained his Bachelors in Entrepreneurship from Oklahoma State University. Feeling compelled toward education while in his
undergraduate studies, Ivan also pursued alternative teaching licensure so that he may teach math for secondary students. Ivan taught
secondary math classes in both Texas and Colorado, and these five years impacted Ivan in many intangible ways. Eventually, Ivan
decided to pursue higher education while teaching high school math. Dr. Wayne then obtained both his Master’s and PhD in Educational
Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado. During his doctoral studies, Ivan taught a range of undergraduate Psychology
courses across three different institutions as an adjunct instructor. Since obtaining his doctorate, Ivan has founded and runs his own
company providing training, professional development, and program development to schools and businesses. With Voyagerr, Ivan works
with both individuals and teams. For individuals, Ivan provides one on one accountability, support, and development across a wide array
of goal-oriented topics. Working with teams, Ivan develops custom problem-solving strategies and evidence-centered curriculum for
every client – whatever their goals may be.

The VALC team and Voyagerr partner together on many projects, including program development, curriculum application, and training
implementation. With Voyagerr, Ivan promises a custom and unique program to specifically address the needs and curiosities of each
client. Ivan’s research interests during his graduate studies centered around humor’s impact on math anxiety, academic performance,
general anxiety, and executive functions. With Voyagerr, Ivan’s expertise centers around how to bring people together, while enhancing
each of their professional and interpersonal capacities.


Areas of Experience

2007 - Present

Video Editing and Production 

2020 - Present

Founder & Owner of Voyagerr

2018 - 2021

Adjunct Psychology Instructor

2019 - 2020

FYE Instructor 

2017 - 2020

Humor & Anxiety Researcher

2012 - 2017

Secondary Math Instructor