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At Vaughan Advanced Learning Consulting, we value helping college instructors and faculty provide the appropriate level of rigor and support that is key to creating learning environments where students can succeed at the college level and beyond. Unfortunately, many instructors and/or faculty have not received formal training in pedagogy. These circumstances coupled with increasing populations of students who are at a greater need (e.g., first-generation students, students of color, conditionally admitted students, etc.) lead to a critical requirement for effective training and professional development.

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Typical Topics

At VALC, we offer highly tailored training programs suited for your institution’s specific circumstances and needs. This includes programs beneficial for first-time novice instructors to tenured faculty looking to improve their practice.  We have designed week-long comprehensive training programs to afternoon workshops that focus on a specific topic.

Writing Syllabi

Semester Schedule Planning

Student-Centered Teaching Strategies

Engaging and Motivating Students

Detailed Lesson Planning

Classroom Management

Formulating Learning Objectives

Organizational Strategies

Effective Mentoring

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy

Linking Objectives to Assessments

Evaluating Instruction

Creating Assignments

Exam Development & Analysis

Student Discussion Engagement Strategies

Incorporating Educational Psychology for Learners Textbook

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