Michael Graham, MA

Training & Qualitative Specialist

Michael’s educational journey has led him through numerous identity phases and with each twist and turn he has continued to unearth the passion he has for being a source of inspiration and support for students. Michael graduated high school in Las Vegas, NV and embarked on a 1,000 + mile transition to becoming a college student with attending the University of Great Falls located in Great Falls, MT. Although it was an athletic scholarship that started this journey for Michael, it was his desire to be helpful for others that would ultimately propel him forward. During his time in the Big Sky state, Michael discovered an emerging passion for wanting to be helpful for others and completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling. This created an avenue for Michael to attend the University of Nevada, Reno to complete a Master of Arts degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology where he was formally trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist. It was during his time in Reno, NV where Michael started to understand the impact his desire to be helpful could actually have upon someone else’s life trajectory and this is when he decided to continue his studies at the University of Northern Colorado located in Greeley, CO. Michael spent 6 years refining his ability to be helpful for others in a classroom environment where he was mentored by Dr. Angela Vaughan. It was during this transitional point in his educational journey that Michael realized he had finally found his passion and avenue for being helpful for others. Michael currently is the Director of First & Second Year Experience at Mount Marty University located in Yankton, SD. His position is expansive in ways that provides Michael the opportunity to help students feel supported, welcome, and valued. He also oversees the New Student Orientation and First-Year Advising Program which allows Michael the ability to holistically support students, inside and outside the classroom, in their transitions to college, as well as throughout the first two years of college, to the end of their sophomore year. 

Michael's expertise also includes instructor training, peer mentor programs and qualitative research.


Student Testimonials


"The fact that he genuinely cares about every single one of us. That shows too when he teaches. He wants to make sure we get it, he wants to make sure we succeed. I felt incredibly connected with him and the rest of the class by the end of the semester and felt inspired to come to class, genuinely if just not to disappoint Michael. He explained everything he does, even if he's a little cryptic. For example, I was skeptical of the way he had the class set up and all but now I understand why we do it."

Fall 2018

"Michael changed the way students think and changed the way a typical classroom setting is set-up. Michael made the classroom very fun and made it to a point where everybody got along with one another and changed the game of teaching. Professors like Michael are what we need more of it in college settings."

Spring 2019

“I would highly recommend this instructor to other students and would even tell people to take the course just to have Mr. Graham as an instructor and to experience his teaching style. He created a safe learning and growing space for all of us in the classroom. By sharing his life experiences and constantly encouraging us, he made it easy to connect with him and my classmates. He truly cares about his students success in and out of the classroom and is always reading and willing to help them whether its for his class or another. People say you only have a handful of teachers that impact your life and are really good at their jobs. I would definitely say Mr. Graham is one of those teacher I will never forget.”

Fall 2017


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