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New Program Curriculum Development or Adaptation

A comprehensive, detailed curriculum is critical to achieving the desired outcomes of any FYS program.  No matter the type of FYS program, there should be an intentional link between learning outcomes, assessment, and instruction.  At VALC, we have the skills to design a complete curriculum that can be used “as is” or used as a starting point for faculty and instructors to adapt and align with their own styles and creativity.


Frequently, institutions face challenges in recruiting faculty and instructors to their FYS programs due to everyone’s limited time.  Even worse, some well-intentioned people are willing to teach but can only give partial effort due to these constraints. Many programs also rely on people who have not taught before and lack some of the necessary pedagogical skills.  The result, many times, is that student learning experiences suffer. With a complete curriculum, faculty and instructors need less time to prepare while still feeling confident that students will be engaged, will be challenged to think at a higher level, and will achieve the learning outcomes.


In the past, we have designed curriculum more often to support programs shifting to a research-based academic FYS model; however, we can design curriculum for any FYS model to help meet the desired learning outcomes. The following are the items that can be incorporated into a curriculum designed specifically for your institution and FYS program:


  • Full syllabi with schedule tailored to your institution’s calendar

  • Course and unit objectives

  • Unit plans for every topic that outlines course objectives, unit objectives, readings, schedule, and assessment

  • Detailed lesson plans (including Mon/Wed/Fri and Tues/Thur versions for each day of the semester) with necessary hand-outs, powerpoints, etc.

  • Formative and summative assessments with rubrics

  • Reading quizzes (multiple versions if needed)

  • Complete mid-term and final exams and exam item bank

  • Peer mentor classroom ideas linked to course schedule

  • Other items as needed


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