Peer Mentor Training & Development

College students who engage in first-year programs that include peer mentorship are correlated with higher achievement. Peer mentorship can aid in helping students feel connected to others leading to a higher sense of attachment and investment in college. Additionally, it can allow for new students to gain access to resources, support, engagement opportunities and increase the time and energy that students spend on their academic careers. These interactions allow students to feel a sense of investment in their college activities ultimately leading to greater successes in performance and perseverance through college. While there is a recognized benefit for all students to engage in a peer mentorship program throughout their first year, first-generation students may be particularly impacted by mentorship due to systemic issues and a lack of familial mentors.  Peer mentors themselves also gain valuable leadership experience that can result in even higher commitment and success during their educational experiences and beyond.

At VALC, we offer full-scale development of peer mentorship programs or provide modifications to existing peer mentorship programs to maximize student success. Specifically, the following is available tailored to your institution’s specific circumstances and needs:

  • Program design (e.g., in-class; outside of class; semester-long intrusive mentorship, etc.)

  • Recruitment strategies

  • Hiring processes including applications, interviews, and selection

  • Identifying resources (e.g., stipends, earned credits, etc.)

  • Training programs for both peer mentors and instructional teams

  • Comprehensive curriculum for in-class peer mentorship programs

  • Linking program design and scope to student learning outcomes

  • Short- and long-term program assessment (i.e., quantitative and qualitative assessment; observation rubrics, surveys, etc.)

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